Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SOLSC #5 March 5

Ya know the worst part of having to spend half the day giving a standardized test? The boredom. Yep, there, I said it. Reading those directions, walking up and down the aisles over and over and over, trying not to fall asleep. These things all make a girl pretty bored. If I could only read, I might be able to handle these types of trifles more. However, the folks at the College Board don't trust students very much, so the teachers have to police them so they don't cheat.

But, as bored as I'm going to be, it will be worse for you. I'm leaving some good assignments, I think, but still -- you won't see me (unless you're in 4th). THAT is the worst for you, right??

I wonder how it would be if the people who make rules about testing you even care that your day is ruined -- that you probably aren't learning anything for the class periods you're being babysat? Maybe we should write some letters to our legislators.

Anyway, here are some ideas for your blog today from Geeky Momma (I don't think you read this post the other day...)

  1. Are you interested in snakes or something else in nature? Why not make your blog about different types of snakes, birds, insects? Take a look at Santiago's post on The Black Necked Spitting Cobra. Don't forget to pose a question to the readers to encourage comments.
  2. What's your favorite TV show? Create a "TV Review" blog. Each week, review your show. Post a summary of the show and your thoughts. Don't forget to ask your reader what they think too.
  3. What book are you reading? Don't wait until you are finished to post about it. Write about it as you are reading it. Better yet, invite others to read it with you and maybe you can get a "book discussion" going on your blog.
  4. Why not choose a theme for your blog and update it every few days with what's happening? For example, your blog theme might be about your soccer team or theater group. You can update every time your team practices and/or has a game. You can pretend you are a sportscaster and report on the events of the game. Don't forget to pose a question to your readers to encourage comments.
  5. Another theme example could be an upcoming event, like a party or religious event. Every few days, report on how the event is evolving. Once the event passes, it's ok to change your theme. Remember, it's YOUR blog. (Don't post pictures of your friends and if you post pictures of yourself, be sure you have your parent's permission.

Happy Blogging!!

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
― Philip Pullman

“Fiction is the truth inside the lie.”
― Stephen King

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