Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SOLSC 3.20.13

Hey People....

I'm practically incapacitated today from some weird pain in my side. No, you don't really need to know all the body pains from poor OLD Mrs. McCabe, but this is what's on my mind today. I'm going to have a CT scan in a little while, so hopefully some smart doctor will figure out what's wrong with me.

In the meantime, I'm wondering how you're doing with your independent reading. We haven't checked in lately (not officially, at least), and I'm a little worried. Looking out over the class, I see you with your earbuds  and headphones with a book open in front of you. I don't think you're reading, though. In fact, you can't be because of the noisy conversation level. Many of you are reading, and are probably distracted by the noise. This worries me greatly.

The other part I'm worried about is your blogging. I'm hearing through the grapevine that you don't know why we are blogging, and you don't like it. The purpose of blogging is to live the life of a writer -- one who has a story to tell each day (even if it's just letting the world know you don't feel well today); one who sees his/her life as important; one who pays attention to the little things that make life fun.

Do you think this assignment doesn't mean anything because you aren't getting a grade for it? If so, then that becomes a motivation issue, right? Do we need to talk about that?

                 1. Add your post's URL to the class blog.
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  4. I believe. Mrs.McCabe I've heard that there is a new type of Flu going around and it makes your back hurt. Everyone in my family has it and my side has been hurting me for the past week. But there is nothing that the doctors can do because the anti-biotics the are giving people isn't killing the virus.

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