Sunday, March 17, 2013

SOLSC 3.17.13

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Peeps...

Lily and I were on Google this morning, and their GoogleDoodle shows some kids dancing an Irish jig. When we clicked on the doodle, of course, the page that popped up was a search for St. Pat's Day info. So, we watched one from The History Channel about the origins of St. Patrick. Apparently he wasn't interested in religion until he was kidnapped by some Irish folk who turned him into a shepherd. One day, God told him to leave Ireland, so he did. Became a priest, then God told him to go back to Ireland as a missionary. So he did, and the people of Ireland embraced him.

That was a long time ago...and I'm wondering if you ever wonder about how holidays were started? I mean, I'm interested in that, especially because many of our holidays that have a religious aspect to it started off as pagan (nonreligious) rituals. But do you ever wonder? And if you wonder, how do you go about finding the answers?

Write about that today if you're looking for a topic. Do a little research-- even if it's just a Google search-- and find out the origins of your favorite holiday. In your post, link to the sites where you found the information (this would be like citing sources for a research paper).

I can't wait to read what you find out!!


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  3. My pastor talked about Saint Patrick last night. Sounds like he was someone who really brought good out of a really hard situation.

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